Her Royal Highness MBGN Series- 1

Outlive your dreams – Stephaine Agbasi

Now you know who your  Queens are. The next thing is getting to know them. “Oh! Who is she?” “Where is she from” This series is about getting to know MBGN Queens.  Today, we have Stephaine Agbasi; Miss Sokoto. Let’s go meet Her Royal Highness. Shall we?

  • People know you as Miss Sokoto, Can we meet you.  We want to really know you; family background, Educational background, likes, dislikes and everything. I hail from Neni Town,Anaocha LG in Anambra state.I come from a middle class family of 6,I have 3 siblings,a younger sister and two younger brothers.I grew up in Lagos, Festac Town.I attended my primary school at Nazareth in festac, secondary School in Holy Child College,Ikoyi and University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I love good music and Movies.

    Miss Sokoto

  • What is your MBGN story?
    Well, MBGN was unplanned for me,I actually wanted to participate in Elite Model Look this year,I already attended the casting at Enugu and I was selected so I was awaiting the final national casting in Lagos.I went to enquire about a modelling agency where I could enhance my catwalk skills and I heard them talking about MBGN form sale which was ending next week.I thought about it but I was hesitant at first because of the stories behind pageantry but I told my mum and she was very supportive of it so I told a friend of mine to pick the form for me a few days to the audition.I was nonchalant towards the audition because I felt pageants in Nigeria were not genuine,I kept on contemplating whether to forgo it and just continue with my plans for the elite competition but I decided to go for it after all there was no harm in trying and I was selected as part of the 37 girls.I was in awe at the moment and grateful to God for the opportunity.
  • You won the best costume, how did you come about the costume?
    The costume was the idea of my gorgeous designer Rikaotobyme

    Go Queen

  • Who motivated you to go for MBGN?
    Agbani Darego was my motivation for MBGN
  • My MBGN story wouldn’t be complete without..  my amazing mum(Barr Chika Agbasi)
  • What are the things that will change in your life? The things that will change in my life is dependent on what the MBGN Universe title comes but the change will definitely be for the best.
  • What is your favourite quote? Fear ruins all dreams. Ruin your fears and outlive your dreams by Stephaine Agbasi.
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I see myself as a human rights activist and top model.
  • How was the MBGN camp for you? MBGN camp was fun and stressful at the same time especially the exercise and the beach run(I thought I will collapse 😂). I had issues with my cultural dance so I was finding it tough at a point. The girls were so amazing and friendly especially my roommates,they were the best. We lived like sisters instead of competitors. I really enjoyed La Campagne, it was a great place to be and the food was delicious.Camp was an experience I won’t forget in my life,a very memorable one.
  • Any word of encouragement for those that aspire to go for MBGN? My word of encouragement to those aspiring for MBGN is to go for it, believe in yourself,do not let anyone discourage you or talk down about the pageant in order to dissuade you. It is a journey you can never regret embarking on. Give it your best,put God first and have fun because at the end of it all,the 37 girls are all queens.