September 26, 2017

Her Royal Highness MBGN Series- 1

Outlive your dreams – Stephaine Agbasi Now you know who your  Queens are. The next thing is getting to know them. “Oh! Who is she?” “Where […]
September 17, 2017

Silverbird’s 30th Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria | The Overview

If you have never attended the MBGN event before, what you see on TV is an iota of how much fun the experience is. In as […]
September 15, 2017

MBGN D-day

Finally! 15th of september, 2017. Today has been on a lot of people mind. Today is the day that someone’s life will do a whole 360. […]
September 15, 2017

Silverbird MBGN 2017 – The Setup

We welcome you to The Silverbird Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, live in Eko Hotels and Suites. We have spared no expense to bring you the […]