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July 10, 2021

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2021 is a presentation of Silverbird. This pageant will have over a hundred contestants that are coming all over the country for the screening. As you all must know the screening is from Monday July 12th to Friday July 16th 2021 and this shall be done virtually using the Zoom application, only those who have successfully completed their registration will be contacted and be given the date and time for their online screening. The individuals who scale through this virtual screening will be invited for the physical screening which will be held on the 23rd of July, Friday, 2021 in Lagos.

As it has been mentioned above only those who scale through the virtual screening will be chosen and invited for the physical one. you all should be prepared and should ensure that you do the screening with all honesty and all sincerity. Questions like “what am i going to where?” or ” What kind of questions will i be asked?” Though, yes, you should be worried about such things you have to put other things into consideration as you are getting prepared for your screening.

One major thing to put into consideration is the network of the area in which you are going to be using, because if he network is bad communication will be an issue and the whole thing is based on communication and you passing across an important piece of information so as to enable the panelist know that you deserve a shot. Ensure that you also get enough data that will ensure that you don’t run out in the middle of the screening because once that happens the chances of you losing your spot is high.

Something as important as the network and data is the environment in which you’re going to be in during your screening time. The environment so much about how important this pageant is to you. When picking an environment or area for your virtual screening you have to pick a place that is noise proof and echo proof too. Though the environment doesn’t have to be fancy and class, but it should be presentable and noise free.

Speech, confidence and confidence in your speech to have a conversation is key. Ensure that you speak with confidence and poise because as Benjamin Disraeli would say Bore: one who has the power of speech but not the capacity for conversation. You dont want to bore the panelists with a drone and timid voice. Ensure that your voice is audible. Audibility is Key to any interview be it virtual or physical, the contestants have to acquire things that can ensure the proper dissemination of their answers to the panelist, so as to ensure that nothing hinders them from their full mark.

This is a beauty pageant and though all the contestants must know this but appearances matter a whole lot. Just because appearance matters that doesn’t mean that it should be the only thing that you should focus on. There’s this saying that goes Dress the way in which you want to be addressed. Dress and look like a queens so that you can be addressed like one. We are not saying that you should do a ton of make up, but even if you use it, don’t cake you face.

The last but not the least is punctuality. Punctuality is a key factor of of enhancing oneself. Being on time is not just a matter of being there, ensure you’re there and you’re prepared for whatever they are going to throw your way, An issue about punctuality is the fact that once you lose your spot or slot, you cant get it back. Seeing as this is a competition ill stop here and allow all the contestants to think of ways to make themselves better for the screening.

Seeing as the panelist will be different celebrities from different aspects of entertainment ensure that you use these tiny facts to enhance yourself. Seeing as Corona Virus has made us all cave and be protective we have to use technology.

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